Nurses Top 4 Humorous Quotes of 2020-2021

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Nursing can be a very challenging profession. Nurses are exposed to numerous stressors when working in a high stress environment.  This often times leads to anxiety and burnout.  Being a nurse for over 20 years I have realized the importance of protecting mental health and have found the humorous quotes nurses say amongst themselves to be  very effective.  This article highlights the top 4 nurses quotes of 2020 and 2021 expressed on apparel.

Nurses C. Y. A

We live in a very litigious society.  As nurses it is important to document everything.  I mean EVERYTHING!!!  When a nurse says C.Y.A it means cover your ass by documenting everything.  It’s literally a nurse’s motto!



Who Wants To Pick Up My Shift?

Feeling overworked or simply just need a break after working 3 twelve hour shifts?  I can definitely relate!  As nurses we often miss out on many family events, holidays and sometimes we simply experience burnout. This t-shirt is a play on what nurses often do and that is to ask for someone to pick up their shift.




WTF…Nurses At Least 10x A Shift

Have you ever started a shift and anything that could go wrong, goes wrong (Murphy’s Law)?  This sweatshirt design was inspired by the daily struggles nurses go through on any given shift. A nurse will say WTF silently at least 10 times a shift.




I’m Getting Too Old For This Ish

The way this workload is set up, I’ve concluded several times I’m getting too old for this ish.   Don’t get it wrong we love what what we do but the workload can sometimes be way too much.  A nurse will say I'm getting too old for this ish whenever challenges occur. 




 Are you a nurse? I would love to hear your feedback on which one of these quotes you use on a daily.  Share this article with every nurse you know and bring a little humor to their day.  These apparel make for great gifts.  Pick your favorite and use code: ELITE for 10% off your entire order.  Subscribe for updates on future blogs, new product releases and promotions.






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